Because Fire Does Happen… Depend on BurnstopUSA

BurnstopUSA is a unique, user-friendly, environmentally-friendly fire retardant.  This proprietary formula is not available in stores but is formulated and available to order locally.

A fire retardant product for every surface.

After living many years in the mountains of northern Arizona where the threat of wildfires was a growing annual reality, finding the means to protect both property and lives became an increasing concern to the owners of Burnstop USA. They began an intense search for effective ways to ensure the safety of their home and family. Their search ultimately led them to a unique product used for many years in Europe but was unavailable in the United States. Burnstop products are unique and effective both as fire prevention and fire-fighting solutions. Being user-friendly and environmentally safe, these non-toxic products provide an economical solution for the average homeowner.

Unique properties of BurnstopUSA are:

  • • Non-toxic
  • • Ph 7
  • • 3-5 x the “knock-down” effect of water on fire
  • • No re-kindling
  • • Instant cool-down effect

Other fire retardants and extinguishers on the market are toxic to plants, animals, and humans. But Burnstop USA is COMPLETELY non-toxic with a neutral pH, resulting in no adverse effects to us or the environment. Burnstop USA is available in both ready-to-use and concentrated forms.

Because Every Second Counts

On average, a fire department responded to a fire every 24 seconds in 2019 (NFPA*) Fire Department response time goal is 9 minutes 20 seconds (NFPA*) “Flashover” ** time has gone from 29 minutes 40 to 50 years ago to 3 minutes or less today Burnstop USA can give firefighters the needed time to arrive on the scene, and in many cases can save property and lives *NFPA= National Fire Protection Agency

** Flashover is the sudden point in time when an entire room or area ignites and becomes completely involved in flames

BurnstopUSA is the Ultimate Solution

With nearly 1.5 million fires being reported each year, the U.S. has one of the highest fire death rates in the industrialized world (FEMA)

    • – Fire kills more Americans than all-natural disasters combined
    • – Fire is the 3rd leading cause of accidental death in the home
    • – More than 15,000 are injured in fires every year (FEMA)
    • – Property loss is estimated at $25.6 Billion annually (FEMA)

Because Every Second Counts…

Think Prevention

You spend money on insurance even though it does not prevent the unimaginable from happening. Now you can invest in a product that can actually prevent fires, thus saving lives and protecting those irreplaceable family possessions.

Now Available in the USA

Successfully used in Europe for many years, this unique, non-toxic, fire-fighting formula is now available in the U.S.

BurnstopUSA products are nontoxic, water-based liquids that put out or prevent fires wherever applied. The nearly odorless, colorless products are available in both concentrated and ready-to-use formulas for interior and exterior applications.

With fire retardants, toxicity is a  critical factor. Most products on the market are toxic. BurnstopUSA is COMPLETELY nontoxic with a neutral pH, making it environmentally, ozone, and user friendly. There is no detrimental effect on nature or human life.

BurnstopUSA is the ultimate fire extinguishing and fire retardant solution for today! A technological breakthrough in firefighting, it is well suited for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Frequently Asked Questions

BurnstopUSA can be brushed on, rolled on, used in a dipping application, or sprayed on.

In rigid testing, BurnstopUSA has been shown to be safe for animals, children, landscaping and marine life when properly used.

  • – Ph7: environmentally safe!
  • – BurnstopUSA’s secret formulas create an instant cool-down effect when sprayed on flames
  • – Laboratory tests have shown BurnstopUSA to have 3-5 times the “knock down” power of water
  • – No rekindling happens with BurnstopUSA
  • – Non-toxic

Yes. BurnstopUSA features extremely easy clean-up that only requires plain water.

Heat, fuel, and oxygen make up what is known as the “fire triangle.” BurnstopUSA interrupts the fire triangle by affecting the release of oxygen.