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About Us

Cochise Market

About Neighborhood Market

Back in 2018, Neighborhood Market was created as an open-air market with over 100 local vendor sign-ups. Neighborhood Market began in an effort to promote and assist local craftsmen, farmers, chefs, and others to share their products and services with the community by offering a diversity of products and service. Sad to say, the location where this market was being held became unavailable.

But this Market was such a success that efforts were made to expand to a property where the event could be held indoors and outdoors, in any kind of weather, and at any time of day or evening. The perfect property was located, purchased, and renovations/improvements immediately begun. Then… a worldwide pandemic hit, and everyone’s lives came to a grinding halt.

Out of Crisis Comes Opportunity

During COVID many local businesses are struggling to stay afloat, let alone grow and thrive… and all in-person events, including the Neighborhood Market, were simply out of the question.

So, if we couldn’t host events, and many businesses can’t conduct their operations, what were we to do? Rather than put the Market on hold until things changed- WE changed. We realized that everyone would benefit from being able to buy and sell online. No matter what’s going on in the world, we could still support local businesses and create a place where the community could come together. Hence, Neighborhood Market created Cochise Market as an online community supporting small farmers, food makers, market managers and independent business owners in our county.

The first phase has been to put together a database of all business. Our platform is similar to a Yelp or Google directory where all local vendors can add their information, logo, pictures, hours, and for a small fee can add videos, menus, and even take reservations online. The purpose is to drive the consumers in Cochise County to shop locally before going elsewhere and to become familiar with all the diversity of products and services that exist in our own locality.

An Online Marketplace

The next phase will be to allow our claimed listings to sell their product and services directly becoming a local Online Marketplace. An online marketplace is an e-commerce store where multiple merchants can sell goods or services to customers. Examples of online marketplaces include Amazon, Etsy, Airbnb, and eBay. This type of e-commerce model contrasts with the traditional offline business models. Such types of platforms are designed to match people in need of a specific product or service with people who have this product or render this service.

Now that we have taken Neighborhood Market to the next level and went virtual withwww.cochisemarket.com, we are ready to share this with our local Cochise County Resident. Now, no matter what size or how big its budget, businesses and vendors in Cochise County can advertise, sell, promote and share their talents, products and services with everyone, everywhere, and at any time of day.

Cochise Market for Business Owners

Make sure your listing is here and your info is correct so consumers can find you.

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